The COFFEEBOXX single cup brewing system is ready for anything. Say goodbye to lukewarm thermos coffee and hello to cup after cup of fresh, hot joe. Finally, good coffee for people who know how to get their hands dirty.

When you want to make your new ride specifically yours, We have the aftermarket accessories to complete the task.

We believe it’s not only the destination but also the journey that makes for a great adventure – and ultimately you may not know where you’ll end up but we have the machines to take you there.  The pavement is optional, the Fun is standard.

aftermarket accessories

oreion motors reepers 2 & 4 DOOR

When you play this hard, you're bound to need a few parts.  We'll get you back in the driver's seat.

replacement parts

Driven by adventure

Fueled By freedom

Duruxx 4x4s are the world’s premier UTV with proven durability, comfort, and design.  Where’s your next Duruxx adventure? From sandy beaches, to mountain trails, to the streets of your favorite city...Duruxx 4x4s give you the freedom to go wherever you please whenever you please on-road or off-road.


One of the most versatile and exciting lines of UTV’s, ATV’s, Side By Sides and LSV All Terrain vehicles on the market. Our Rebel line of multi-use vehicles are manufactured to take you anywhere from the streets, trails, dunes and even rock crawling in complete comfort! By merging technology, craftsmanship, high grade components from both the automotive and off-road industry the Rebel R2 and R4 has quickly become one of the most functional and eye catching vehicles available today.

rebel - rebel2 & rebel4

duruxx-drx2 and drx4