Q: Are your Side X Sides street legal?

A: Yes! Our Reepers, Rebel and Duruxx Units are a street legal crossover vehicle that can be licensed and then driven safely on & off most roads.  It is always best to check your states regulations for specific licensing procedures.

Q: Can I test drive one of these at your location?

A: Yes! We keep several in stock at all times and have trails available for you to experience them off road, just come in and ask for a test drive.  

Q: I still have questions.  Is there someone I can speak to about Reepers, Rebel or Duruxx?

A: Yes! Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We have experience driving and trailing both of these vehicles and would love to discuss them with you.  Just call us at 800.434.7330 or 800.595.2443

Q: Is there optional equipment available?

A: Yes! You can get hard tops, HD enclosures, Nerf bars, rear bumpers, spare tire and carrier, 3" lift kit, 15" rims, 32" tires, street tires, a heater, and even snow plows.  We would be happy to install any of these in your new unit. See our Parts & Accessories section for full list.

Q: I don't see the color that I want on your website, can you get it?

A: Yes! We try to keep as many colors in stock as we can, but some sell out quickly.  We would be happy to order the color you are looking for.

Q: Can the Reeper, Rebel and Duruxx keep up on off road trails?

A: Yes! Be it trail riding, rock crawling, sand riding, hill climbing, water crossings, road driving or just pleasure use, Reepers. Rebels and Duruxx units are good at all of these things.  They also boast a quieter ride than most UTV's.  

Have a question you don't see on here?

You may give us a call at 800.434.7330 / 800.595.2443 or you may fill out this form and a representative from our knowledgeable staff will respond to your question within two business days.  We look forward to hearing from you!