New 1300 Automatics

Introducing the All new 2018 Rebel XA, Street Legal Side by Side with a real automotive 4 speed automatic transmission and a 95HP 1339cc 4 cylinder fuel injected engine.

The Rebel Frame and suspension has been redesigned to handle the larger Engine and Transmission, plus a new HD drive line.
The larger 28” x 9.5” Radial tires are on a Black 14” automotive 8 spoke rim, that gives both performance and great looks.
The larger hinged engine access cover, makes it easy to service the engine and the new larger air intake and filter.
The new dual action LED head lights and tail lights, gives you a much brighter look.
The new upgrade Stereo system with USB port and Bluetooth capability and ease of operation, give you great sound from the dual flush mounted speakers.
Adjustable reservoir shocks
4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes
Stainless steel brake lines
Skid plates
Receiver hitch
3,000# winch
Roll bars
One piece steel body on a full box frame
Real steel doors with inside and outside handles
Adjustable bucket seats
Push button 4 wheel drive
Full locking front and rear differentials from the driver’s seat
New black front grill
Independent double swing arm suspension
Camber and toe-end adjustable front end
Grease zerks on all moving parts
HD drive line
Real glass windshield
Wipers and washers
Fold back side mirrors
Rear view mirror
Replaceable wide fenders both front and rear
Standard soft top with zip out windows
Dual frame mounted tow hooks
Digital dash
Parking brake and so much more.

This Rebel XA is 10’-3” in overall length and has a removable front bumper/winch assembly for those 10’ enclosed trailers. The Rebel XA is 63” wide and 65” tall. The wheel base is 85.5” with a 54.5” track. The Rebel XA weighs in at around 1600#.

This Rebel XA will do all of the fun and challenging feats of a standard ATV/UTV, but with the quiet grace of an automotive low RPM engine, real transmission and the elegance of a full body vehicle. Plus it is Street Legal, right from the Factory in Gilbert, Arizona.

The 4 speed automatic, will give an ease of driving experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The Rebel XA Mini Truck, does not have a padded dash or Air Bag. So you should govern your on road speed for safety and obey all traffic laws, in your area.

The 1339cc 4 cylinder 95 HP engine in the 2018 Rebel XA, is manufactured by FAW (First Automotive Works) FAW were establish in 1953 and operate in 48 countries with joint ventures with Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Mazda, Toyota and Daihatsu.

They are 125th on the list of, Global Fortune 500 Companies.

The 4 speed automatic transmission in the 2018 Rebel XA, is a Toyota / Daihatsu designed unit.

Both the Engine and the Transmission have a long line of reliability and performance.

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